The State Comptroller opens up the new school year in Shmaya,  Bnei Brak.

Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman chose to open up  the new school year in the Shmaya schools for special needs in Bnei Brak.

The Comptroller observed from up close, the various issues affecting the children, and the many learning strategies used to assist them. Mr. Engelman “I feel that the Comptrollers office has a large part to play in assisting the handicapped in our communities”.

Mr. Engelman and staff  visited two of our branches in Bnei Brak. They saw the nursery for multiply handicapped children and another nursery for hearing impaired children.

The staff gave them detailed overview of the nursery programs, and of the difficulties in running such programs.  Rabi Levy, Executive Director of Shmaya, shared the difficulties he faces in obtaining the necessary funding for the Shmaya programs.

A meeting was held afterwards, during which Mr. Engelman was presented with a detailed  picture of all our programs and all our beneficiaries.

Mr. Engleman was extremely impressed with what he saw and heard.  He also stressed that if any parents have difficulty coping with the bureaucratic hassles involved, they should contact his office for assistance.  He then thanked Rabbi Levy for the years of dedication and initiative in founding and developing many ways to assist those who need it most.

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