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עימעעכמכע ממכמממ ממ ממכעמ

Holistic therapy for a rehab nursery child

18 * 90 NIS

Rehab for teen at risk

18 * 100 NIS

Activities for children in after school clubs

24 * 90 NIS

Support for young women living in the sheltered residence

18 * 180 NIS

One hour session in the career training program

18 * 180 NIS

Shmaya has a license to accept donations, per Paragraph 46 –Click to see

לתרומה בדרך אחרת


Bank pagi

Bank 52

Branch 168

Account Number

Account Name Misgeret Shmaya

Bank Hadoar

Bank 09

Branch 001

Account number 8296037

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