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11 years

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Life is complicated

and everyone feels like
a break at times.

Shmaya members who struggle with greater challenges enjoy our special ‘Tarbut Programs” which include vacations,activities, weekend events, trips etc for all ages. Families are part of the program.

Parents are being given extensive support, enjoying meetings, lectures, and other activities. These programs provide them with much needed support and meeting other parents facing the same struggles gives them the strength they need.

Facts and Figures

Alumni Club Branches

Bnei Brak, Ezra (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Jerusalem Shaul Aboud St (Sundays)
Kiryat Malachi (one Sunday a month)
Rishon LeTzion Giborei Yisrael 13 (Thursdays)

Coming Soon to Haifa!!!

At Kiryat Haim


Rabbi David Roimi

Rabbi of the deaf community


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לקביעת פגישת הכרות

לקביעת פגישת הכרות

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לקביעת פגישת הכרות

לקביעת פגישת הכרות

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