Audio Labs

Operating for
12 Years

Audio lab Staff members

individuals served

Our audio labs
are furnished

with the best equipment available in the word today.

Our staff member are university trained,
and the best in their fields.
Our audio labs are considered among the best in Israel. Our
tests and fittings are extremely accurate, providing the best
hearing possible. We work in partnership with the Kupot
Cholim, giving our clients the best service.

As of now,
we have assisted thousands of people to achieve better and sharper hearing,
giving them a happier and more relaxed quality of life.

You deserve the same.

Audio Lab - Bney Brak

P.o.b 393 Bney Brak
Tel: 03-5783536
Fax: 03-5784001

מכון השמיעה של שמעיה - סניף בני ברק

Audio Lab - Elad

Tel: 03-7365843
Fax: 03-5282820

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לקביעת פגישת הכרות

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