Who We Are

מי אנחנו – אנגלית

Our Vision

Shmaya’s goal is to enable all our members to achieve their maximum potential on all levels.

Our mission is to provide the tools and professional intervention, to realize success.

limitless possibilities

Shmaya was established to give hearing impaired children updated, state of the art tools and the best therapies and treatment available.

We now assist children and adults with diverse handicaps in 11 different branches.  These include nurseries, kindergartens, learning and rehab centers, therapy center, child development, sheltered housing, supported employment, respite care, afterschool clubs.  

Our many different services are offered to all sectors of Israeli society.



Our Partners

For over forty years now, the Shmaya organization stands at the forefront of special needs services in Israel.

We have established good relationships with government ministries,  municipal departments, and well known public figures, who gave us their full and devoted support throughout the years.

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