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Our early childhood network includes rehab nurseries,
kindergartens and learning centers for hearing impaired
children, and for toddlers with diverse disabilities.

Our hearing-impaired network provides assistance to 700
babies, toddlers and children, in two main centers.
The early childhood therapy center for ages, 0 to 3, includes a
rehab nursery, as well as para professional therapies for children
in the normative school systems.
The Learning and Therapy Centers serve children aged 3 until
18. It includes kindergartens, tutoring and resource room for
children in the regular school systems, after school clubs, para
professional therapies and more.
The far-reaching goals of the program are complete and
successful mainstreaming of all children into the regular school
systems. To this end, we provide guidance to the parent during
the transition time, guidance to the teachers, and parents rights
We look on the parents as partners in the entire mainstreaming

Our therapists aim to narrow education gaps, improve social and
language skills, and maximize potential. We never forget that
the most important person here is the child, his feelings, his
dreams and his hopes. Sensitivity and devotion give our
children the tools they need to be all they can be.

Rehab Nurseries

Our rehab nurseries serve both hearing impaired and children
with various disabilities and challenges.
All the therapies need by the children are given in the nurseries,
enabling them to achieve and surpass therapy milestones.


Shmaya Rehab nursery for Hearing Impaired Children in Bnei Brak

Ezra 1

Mrs. Sara Cohen - Director
Tel: 03-9309407

Rehab Nursery for Disabled Children in Bnei Brak

Ezra 1

Mrs. Sara Cohen - Director
Tel: 03-9309407

Rehab Nursery for Multiply Handicapped Children in Beersheva

Chida 8

Mrs. Adina Kuperberg - Director
Tel: 073-7888170


Our rehab kindergartens for hearing impaired children, follow
up the work done by the nurseries. Upon acceptance, each child is evaluated and an individualized therapy program drawn up.
The children receive both group and individual therapy in school, in addition to the regular kindergarten activities and learning.

גן שמעיה
סמל 364588

Toledano 12 Bnei Brak

Mrs. Yehudit Vidislavsky

Tel: 03-6199486
Fax 0737888133

גן שמעיה
סמל 187781

Noam Elimelech 1 Bnei Brak

Mrs. Tamar Greenwald
Tel: 073-7947232
Fax 0737888133

גן שמעיה
סמל 631705

Noam Elimelech 1 Bnei Brak

הגננת גב' מלכה פרנקל
Tel: 073-7947233
Fax 0737888133

After School Clubs

Shmaya runs an extremely successful and growing network of
After School Clubs for our children rom nursery through high
school age. The clubs provide a wide range of activities,
learning, sports, trips, and so on. The children also receive
support and emotions therapy in both individual and one on one setups.
The clubs are run by caring and empathetic counselors, social workers and other professionals.

The groups are divided according to age, and gender. During heir club hours, the children relax with others who cope with the same challenges. They are taught how to advocate for
themselves in all situations, and how to recognize their special qualities and innate worth.

After School club for Girls, Bnei Brak

11 Sorotzkin St.

Tel: 073-7947-235
Fax: 073-7888131

After School Club for Girls

Shimon ben Shetach 8-10, Elad

טל: 03-5282820
פקס: 03-7365843

After School Club for Boys, Bnei Brak

11 Sorotzkin St.

טל: 073-7947-235
פקס: 073-7888131

Sign Language
After School Club

Therapy/Learning Center

For hearing impaired and deaf children

The center provides private tutoring to hearing impaired and
deaf children attending the normative school systems.
The tutoring is given by experienced and empathetic instructors.
Their school teachers are also being given guidance and assistance to ensure that the children successfully navigate the school day.
The children are given tutoring to enable them to keep up with
their hearing peers, develop a good relationship with their teachers and friends in school, improve their social interactions and build their self- confidence.

Private Tutoring

Mrs. Rochel Doppelt
Center Coordinator

Private Tutoring
Northern Israel

Mrs. Ruth Boaron
Center Coordinator
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