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Assistance with language difficulties, motor skills and other challenges

Giving our children limitless opportunities

Shmaya’s child development unit, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, provides speech therapy, occupational therapy and motor skills development.

Upo acceptance to the unit, every child is given a thorough evaluation, after which an individualized treatment plan is drawn up.
This program also serves children attending the regular school systems. Child with slight issues or challenges are also provided with the best that Shmaya can offer.
We operate in the major cities here in Israel, including Bnai Brak, Elad and Tiberias.

Our centers are spacious and pleasant, and contain the best and most up to date therapy equipment and accessories.

We partner with the Macabi and Clalit Health providers. We pride ourselves on our polite and empathetic service. Appointments are easy
to obtain, and information is conveyed in a friendly and helpful manner.
Our therapy staff, are degree holders, and experts in their fields. They have years of experience and do their utmost for our children.
Shmaya also runs therapeutic training courses to keep the staff au courant with the latest developments in their field.

Child Development Tab
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Child Development Tab

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Child Development Tab

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