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Every person, whether disabled or not, is first and foremost a human being.

At Shmaya we see the whole person, his strengths and his weaknesses, his capabilities and unique personality that makes him what he is

Shmaya’s sheltered home is a step up for the lucky residents.
They learn how to live a independent life, using their
capabilities to the fullest. At the same time, they are mentored
and accompanied along their journey, by caring and empathetic
staff members.
The residents have household responsibilities, keeping their
home running smoothly and easily. They receive training in
homecare, responsibility, group life and so on.
The professional staff, social workers and apartment
coordinators work together to ensure that the residents grow and progress on all levels.
The mission of the housing project is to give every resident the ability and empowerment to live an independent life, make his own decisions and live comfortably in his own space.

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