"Shmaya" works to establish and run educational frameworks that are adapted to children that are hard of hearing. The aim is to enable them to receive assistance and mediation in their years of development and education.


"Shmaya" runs a wide range of enrichment activities, leisure and cultural activities, for children and adults who are hearing impaired or with other disabilities.


At Shmaya we plan for the future and independence of people with disabilities and we run frameworks for schooling and employment integration for them.


At Shmaya we are concerned for members′ success in all areas. For this purpose the organization has set up health and development Centers, which give professional, audiology treatment, and therapies.


Shmaya works to establish rehabilitative community frameworks which provide a caring support system for the hard of hearing.

About Shmaya

Shemaiah was established in 1981 by Moshe Epstein, the director of the H.D. School for the Hearing Impaired in the United States.
The association was established in order to provide a quality solution for deaf and hearing-impaired children from the center of the country. Over the years, the framework has expanded to additional branches throughout the country and today it provides solutions in 11 different branches and people from all over the country.
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