60+ In the Western Negev.

Leaving work on Pension is a major and complicated step. It means leaving a clear routine, framework and job, to a different reality. We have to define  for ourselves, new goals and new meaning in life. Research shows that this transition causes feelings of uncertainty and even meaninglessness and emptiness. 60+ in the Western Negev offers advice, support and guidance on the long run, for all those who so desire. We replace uncertainty with knowledge and confidence and  change all the pros of this stage in life to a spring-board for a new beginning.
You are free to choose- Our tools your choices.
 Your problems, challenges and worries are common and shared by many. Shmaya recognizes the power of support and encouragement in a group, and the value of building new social circles.  We've developed a variety of courses and group activities  as a response to your needs and problems.  These courses and activities grant; practical tools and food for thought in all areas of life. 

+Finance Workshop - for working people who are about to go out on pension, and are interested in being better prepared financially, and would like to utilize all their rights to the utmost.
+Personal Workshop for planning and running this new stage in life. This workshop revolutionizes all that you thought about this stage in life and will give you solutions to all perspectives of life of this period in life. For people up to five years after leaving on pension.
+Employment Workshop-with referral to existing local programs, for group or individual guidance for those interested in returning to the workforce, to match specific neeeds and to give tools for employment and enterprise.
+Digital Workshop familiarizing you with the digital world, for those interested to learn the best of the technology and media revolution, and up to date forms of communication.
60+ in the Western Negev is a partnership of the Ministry for Social Equality, Eshel - Joint Israel, and the group of Councils in the Western Negev, run by the Shmaya organization. The Sevice is for residents of the Western Negev Councils; Sderot, Ofakim, Bnei Shimon, Sha'ar Hanegev, Sedot Negev, Mechavim and Eshkol.