Children and Youth Clubs


It is not enough to rehabilitate the language and hearing of the hearing-impaired. For children, we must pay attention to their emotional and social well-being as well.   

Shmaya's Youth Clubs provide a unique social experience. These children enrich each other’s worlds. Clubs are offered for children aged three-and-older, and all groups are divided by age and accompanied by professionals. We even have special sign-language clubs for children who are non-verbal!

At a club, children who are hearing-impaired stop feeling different than everyone else. There, they are all equals. The clubs offer a wide range of courses and workshops on social skills, emotional intelligence, and the value of volunteering. But, of course, they are tons of fun, too!

Children gain access to special outings, healthy-yet-delicious meals, trips, and carnivals. 

Within the framework of these clubs, from time-to-time, a child’s family and friends can participate, too. When you participate in your child’s social life, you give him a chance to showcase his abilities. This is an opportune time to shower him with pride and confidence. 

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