Hearing Assistive Devices

Accessories for computer/ television/ car/laptop/mobile/palm
Computer printer
Web camera
Modem (excluding tax returns)
Digital exchanger with sub-texts.
Teletext interpreter
Television systems for trucks
Special panoramic, internal and external mirrors for cars.
Communication Assistive Devices
Mobile amplifier that attaches to the telephone receiver.
Telephone speech amplifier
Telephone ringing amplifier
Mobile phone that includes writing and receiving text messages.
Vibrating battery for mobile phone
Telephone mouthpiece with amplifier or option for T setting.
Car speakerphone with option for T setting.
Mobile or sedentary Fax machine ( not including tax returned)
Telephone with amplified sounds and ringing and visual ringing alert/ vibrating cushion.
Note: If there will be new technological inventions, more items will be added to the list, with the approval of national speech therapists.