Information for employers

From our vast experience working with employers we have collected  a number of important questions that employers ask, and we have answered them with the help of the best experts.
Who is the worker that I will receive? What kind of disability does he have?
The workers integrated by Shamya's employment center have high potential for integration in the workforce.  They are integrated only once they have gone through a training period and preparation and our professionals recommend their integration.
They can be people with physical or sensory disabilities (such as hearing or visual impairment).
They can be people with learning disabilities, cognitive decline, ADHD, light emotional disability, or high-functioning, Aspergers and ASD.
They can be people with a light medical disability, or people who have recovered from an illness.
At the end of the day these people are decent, honest, industrious and devoted. They should be trained and very suitable to the job-slot you are looking to fill, and they want to work.
How much do I have to pay him?
The basic answer to the question of how much you have to give him, is how much he gives you. If his output is regular his pay will be regular. However if the worker works at a slower pace, or because of his disability the quality of his work is less, the wage he will get will be adapted according to his output in relation to that of a regular worker.
The level of his output and accordingly his wage will be fixed by the assessment ofThe Center for the Integration of People with Disabilities into the Labor Market, which will take place 3 months after the beginning of employment. We accompany the assessment process at all stages, in order to make form-filling, co-ordination with relevant bodies etc., easier.