Units of the Center

The center provides various personally adapted services:
  • Information
A broad response on the topic of employment for people with disabilities. Information on rights in the community, services provided by government offices and general response to the public's inquiries.
  • Training
Preparation for the world of employment, concentrating on  3 Parameters:
Knowledge about the world of employment:
Acquiring important information about correct conduct in the job market such as, conduct at job interviews, rights and obligations at work and more.
Employment skills: Improving skills that manifest at work and affect, performance at work, long term integration, and promotion, such as conflict management, correct communication with the employer and more.
Occupational Focus: Defining the kind of work required according to the abilities and characteristics of the worker and to the needs of the job market. A high quality assessment can shorten the process of job searching.
  • Job Searching and Placement
Finding a workplace that is suitable or adapted to the workers needs, the worker also takes part in the process and receives tools for job searching.
  • Employment Advice
A short and focused service of 2 meetings with an employment counselor for the purpose of defining suitable areas of work.
  • Graphological Employment Assessment
 Directing to suitable work areas according to the results of graphology by an expert graphologist.
  • IT Course
Knowledge in computers opens the door to the world of employment and to quality areas of employment. We run courses with a stress on adapted equipment, learning methods and small groups.