The Employment Center

The Employment Center at Shmaya works to integrate people with disabilities at work, according to the policies of professional rehabilitation of the Ministry of Work and Welfare and The Institute of Social Security.

We believe that a person with disabilities deserves equal rights and to be treated with respect in regard to integration in the workforce.

We work with a social approach. We see integration in the workforce as the best combination of person, environment, and work. 

Not only will Shmaya help you find a job, we’ll give you the tools to flourish there. In order to create the most conducive professional environment for successes, Shmaya will mentor both you AND your employer. 


Ramat Gan- Corner of Ben Gurion 38 
Jerusalem- 42 Agripass St.
Ashdod- 4 Rambam St. Area B
Be'er Sheva - 1 Henrietta Sould St.
Tiberias-54 Hameginim St.  Phone: 03-9330340
 Fax: 03-6486030