Rehabilitative Kindergartens

The post-toddler years are part of the most important stage for language and communication development. These years burst with new challenges and horizons for your child. That’s why we focus our kindergartens for children ages three-to-six-years-old  to help hearing-impaired children reach their full potential in speech and language development. 


When your hearing-impaired child has a gap in language or communication skills, you need a classroom environment uniquely designed to address those needs. 


If your child’s communication skills make it difficult for him/her to integrate into a mainstream classroom, that means you need smaller classroom sizes and highly-trained educators. 


Your child is capable of reaching the stars. Let the team of Shmaya educators and therapists jumpstart his future. 


Our staff will work tirelessly to improve your child’s hearing and help him overcome language and communication obstacles. We will prepare your child for successful integration into a mainstream school after kindergarten. 


With new learning habits and a profound sense of accomplishment, your child will see for himself that a bright future lies ahead. 


Our staff includes top-tier teachers and therapists who have specialized training to work with children who are hearing-impaired and disabled and may require emotional therapy. They undergo ongoing professional development to ensure they have the most up-to-date research as it pertains to caring for your child.

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