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The Shmaya Learning Center operates in Bnei Brak, Elad, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tiberias, and Safed. We work with students ages six-and-up. Students who live far away or who are unable to come to the branches can receive assistance within the framework of regular study time at school.


Once in a mainstream classroom, new challenges will arise, and old challenges will resurface. Beyond the impairment itself, hearing-impaired children often deal with significant gaps in language that, if unaddressed, can hamper their academic success.


Whether they are having trouble absorbing new information or having trouble concentrating with so much background noise, hearing-impaired children face a distinct set of obstacles when they enter a typical classroom.


But, when your child visits the Shmaya Remedial Learning Center, he will access the educational and academic support he needs to soar.  Your child will learn how to narrow the academic gaps caused by his disability.


He will access speech and language therapy as well as language lessons in learning centers and schools all over the country.


And we don’t stop there.


Shmaya will work with your child’s teachers to create a more encouraging environment for learning. We will share our research, our lists of best practices, our practical advice with your child’s educators to make sure that they are doing everything they can to integrate your son or daughter at the highest level.


The Learning Center provides a perfect response to your child’s needs, whether they are academic, medical, or therapeutic. Our services include:

  • Private tutoring, either during school or in a Learning Center after school
  • Therapy
  • Training for teachers of hearing-impaired children who are integrated in mainstream kindergartens, schools, and high schools
  • General training for the staff of mainstream educational institutions
  • Making classrooms accessible for hearing impaired students
  • Facilitating matriculation exams
Sorotzkin St. 11
Bney Brak

P.O.B. 393
shmaya@shmaya.org.il  Phone: 03-5783411
 Fax: 03-5784001
Rimon Center
Shimon Ben Shetach St. 10 Elad  
    cr@shmaya.org.il          Phone: 03-7365843    

Ganei Hadar St. 34
shmayazfat@shmaya.org.il  Phone: 04-6577701
 Fax: 1534-6577701

Hameginim St. 54, Tiberias
P.O.B. 12345
tverya@shmaya.org.il  Phone: 04-6726793
 Fax: 04-9594990

Hermon St. 32 Haifa msh@shmaya.org.il  Phone: 04-6057272