Day Care Centers

Those first early years are critical. As soon as an infant is diagnosed with a disability, Shmaya is ready to help! 


We provide daycare centers that are perfectly adapted to your child’s needs. 

Our staff is made up of first-line, highly-skilled, caring professionals. A team of dedicated caregivers, assistants, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and social workers work together to ensure the best possible start in life for infants struggling with disability.


Our daycare centers target infants aged three-months to three-years, whose disabilities make them eligible according to the law of rehabilitative daycare centers.

Shmaya has 3 Day Care Centers:
  • Two in the Center of the country oriented more toward hearing-impaired infants.
  • One in Southern Israel for general disabilities with a focus on physical development.
         Phone: 03-6199486     
      Fax: 03-5787514      Toledano St. 12         
Bney Brak  
Ezra St. 11 
Bney Brak    Phone: 03-9309407
 Fax: 03-5787514

Chida St. 8
Be'er Sheva   Phone:08-631-8080